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Francesco Sanapo
Finca El Mansano

The day in this company starts at 7am with the farmers leaving from the mill towards the finca, to start harvesting generally until 3pm. Afterwards, each harvesting group begins a further manual selection before delivering the coffee to the mill. The coffee collected generally reaches the mill around 5pm, and here it is weighted and immediately processed. Some video I shot show some process used in the finca... have a nice watch!

The pleasant discovery of one of the coffees produced by this finca took place during the local championship, by tasting an extraordinary natural yellow bourbon; for this reason, I felt the need to visit the finca and to find out about their coffees. We started by tasting 24 micro lots of different varieties and methods of processing: the company processes natural, semi-washed, full washed and honey coffee. I appreciated the great organization in this company: in the laboratory there are toasters, machines for humidity control of the green coffee and ochratoxin, brew equipment and two tasters with Q-grader qualifications.

This confirms the fact that knowledge about coffee is spreading in the countries of origin too, and we understand that the time of not educated growers is definitely over and this generates a substantial change in the world market. In fact, believe it or not, the number of roasters abroad who promote special coffees, by revolutioning the concept of “Golden quality” or “Strong” or “100% Arabic” etc., which still runs the national market. Here coffees are presented like labels of fine wine and, in my opinion, this is possible thanks to the precious work made at the origin.

Tastes were thrilling, coffees completely different one from each other, but among all of them, without knowing (tastings were blind), my choice was again for the extraordinary natural yellow bourbon.

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